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    AragoniteSource, LLC is the solution when your spec calls for the highest quality calcium carbonate. We offer complete service based on our experience with the unique solutions that are realized by using Aragonite, combined with our technical and logistical expertise. AragoniteSource is highly qualified to be your supplier of choice for calcium carbonate. Aragonite Source services a range of clients, in different industries and of different size, and can meet any demand. 

Why people choose us for aragonite.



We have offices in Florida and our processing plant is based in Pennsylvania. Our plant allows us to tailor aragonite to different specs and fineness.

250 International Pkwy, Lake Mary, Florida 32746, United States 

Phone: (646) 922-7186


We supply aragonite (a high performance calcium carbonate) to a variety of industries. Aragonite, unlike other forms of calcium carbonate, is biogenic and self-generates at a rate of 2 million tons a year, making aragonite a renewable resource. The precipitation process of aragonite also sequesters thousands of tons of carbon dioxide a year.