Aragonite Source LLC is managed by the original aragonite group with hands-on experience in the business for over 25 years. During that time, aragonite has been supplied to a range of industries without interruption and we state with pride that aragonite quality is so reliable that a load has never been rejected. Aragonite is the best calcium carbonate in the market and the most reliable raw material. The group has extensive operating experience in the procurement, processing, and marketing of aragonite. With our long-term relationships in the Bahamas, our distribution network, and product development capabilities, the optimal product mix for each customer's needs are met and exceeded. You can depend on aragonite.


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      Aragonite Source offers nearly pure calcium carbonate with many different applications. Aragonite is created by the cold water of the ocean mixing with the warm water of the Gulf Stream in the Bahamas. Aragonite Source has developed unique gradations and blends using aragonite to suit each customer's particular requirements. This capability guarantees that each customer enjoys maximum efficiency within a reasonable budget. is the solution when your spec calls for the highest quality calcium carbonate. We offer complete service based on the experience with the unique solutions that are realized by using Aragonite, combined with our technical and logistical expertise. AragoniteSource is highly qualified to be your supplier of choice for calcium carbonate. Aragonite Source services a range of clients, and can meet any demand.