• Organic soil enhancer / Ph adjustment
  • Superior feed grit for chickens
  • Fertilizer filler​



  • Aragonite is the purest calcium carbonate for the glass market
  • We supply several large glass manufacturers who require a very clean and low-iron spec
  • Our processing facility in Pennsylvania ensures that the iron content of the aragonite is extremely low

​     Environmental

  • Aragonite can be used for oil cementing, fracking, and spill remediation
  • Phosphorous binding
  • Acid neutralization


​     Power Plants

  • highly reactive for SO2 absorbtion and pollution control​
  • NOx control
  • Ash reduction

     Beach Nourishment

  • Aragonite can be used for beach replenishment purposes in the U.S.
  • Aragonite has superior texture and color to domestic alternatives
  • Use in Artificial reefs & aquariums